The Air is Different Up Here

It’s cleaner. Fresher. And it carries the scent and promise of newness with each gentle breeze.
And that’s not the only thing that’s different. No two days are the same here.

New wonders, new sights, new adventures await one throughout the year, regardless of the season. There are no crowds up on Sunalei Preserve. There is no gridlock. No car horns. No frantic busy-ness that can take a perfectly beautiful day and make it stressful, or even worse… routine. Everything about Sunalei is unique and wild and utterly expansive. There is enough space up here for you to stretch out and live the kind of wide-open High Country life that has always called out to you. There’s enough room up here for almost anything, even your dreams.

A Grand Adventure Awaits

The great outdoors become even greater when you get above 5,000 feet. It hits you instantly, as soon as you stand on top of this majestic mountain and gaze out over these 100-mile views. It makes you realize that anything is possible—and the opportunity for discovery and adventure is seemingly infinite. One of the reasons we selected this location for Sunalei Preserve is because of the sheer amount of recreational activities it afforded—both on site and off. From our rustically elegant High Mountain Camp Clubhouse, to our winding hiking trails, to the proximity of Elk Knob State Park that intersects our property to give you even broader access to the wonders of this natural, High Country Paradise.

About the Area

If you look throughout the High Country, all over Western North Carolina and Tennessee actually, you will not find another mountain community like Sunalei. There’s a beauty at this elevation that takes your breath away. It’s a view that never gets old.

Will & Mark Adkins

Come Experience Sunalei Preserve

The best way to experience Sunalei is to come see it for yourself. Schedule a Discovery Tour, but be forewarned, you may want to stay forever.

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