Nature in All its High Country Glory

It’s not often you find a place as exquisitely beautiful and awe-inspiring as Sunalei Mountain. Such places are rare indeed, created by Mother Nature millions of years ago to dazzle and delight everyone fortunate enough to partake of its alpine glory. At Waterfront Group, we want to make sure it stays that way. We aren’t developing Sunalei so much as we are preserving what makes it special. There are 300+ acres here—a third of the community—that have been placed in Conservancy or designated as State Park Land. That means it will remain intact, forever wild, for all time. Families can be sure that future generations will be able to walk, hike, ride UTVs/ATVs, go cross-country skiing, or simply take in pristine, undisturbed views…just as they do today.

Property Summary

Five globally imperiled or critically imperiled natural communities

Numerous aquatic features including Southern Appalachian Bogs and High Elevation Seeps

At least 219 plant species, including 16 on the NCNHP Rare or Watch Lists

At least 108 animal species, including 7 on the NCNHP Rare or Watch Lists

Suitable habitat for 21 animals on the NCNHP Rare or Watch Lists

Conservation is a Way of Life— An Extended Life

Upon purchasing this undisturbed tract of land, even before a single shovel of earth was moved, we engaged a consulting biologist to study and assess the conservation value and biological inventory of Sunalei Preserve. We knew it was special. We wanted to know how special, in particular, how vital the delicate ecosystem was and what kind of indigenous flora and fauna it harbored. Locations of High Priority Conservation were determined—and areas of sensitivity were identified and have been designated part of the Sunalei Preserve Conservation Lands. That means they will be preserved and protected for all time.